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Automated Teleconferencing

When you open your account, you will receive an email with your dial-in number, entry codes and teleconferencing instructions. To initiate a teleconference, simply tell your participants the time of the call and give them your dial-in number and entry code. At the appointed time, you and your participants can join the teleconference from any touch tone phone. Your automated teleconferencing 'room' is initially configured for up to 100 participants and can be expanded, as needed.

Conduct a teleconference whenever you want. The codes never change -- unless you decide to change them -- so it is easy to schedule follow-up calls. Our secure web site makes it easy for you to add more teleconferencing rooms and more users. Whether you are a sole proprietor or a telecom manager for a large enterprise, you can depend upon MeetingBridge to handle your firm's day-to-day teleconferencing activity.

Here are just a few features:

  • No reservation necessary
    Simply provide your participants with the date and time of your teleconference, your call-in number, and the participant's entry code.
  • Permanent dial-in number and entry code
    Yours forever. Now its easy to set up and initiate conference calls. Regular participants can count on using the same number and entry code for all your teleconferences.
  • Convenient touch-tone controls
    • Dial-out to bring new participants into the teleconference
    • Mute/Unmute lines
    • Lock and unlock the teleconference
    • Roll call
    • See User Guide for a complete list of controls
  • Help when you need it
    Dial "*0" any time during your teleconference if you need help.
  • 24/7 Access
    Since it's automated, it's always available
  • Flexible account and billing features
    • Ability to set up additional users and specialized conference rooms
    • Ability to enter charge numbers (e.g. client codes or job numbers) for each call
    • Optional email recap of each call
    • Invoices provide subtotals by user, room and charge number

Operator-Assisted Teleconferencing

For more complicated, high profile, or larger teleconferencing calls we offer MeetingCenter Services. The MeetingCenter features teleconferencing support specialists who will gather participants online, perform a roll call, introduce the speaker(s), and offer help during the call. Making a reservation is simple. Just dial your reservations number and provide us with your ‘User Number’. One of our reservation specialists will walk you through the process and answer any of your questions.