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MeetingBridge provides high quality, cost effective teleconferencing and web conferencing services.


For your routine teleconferences, we offer automated teleconferencing. For high profile meetings and special events we offer operator-assisted teleconferencing.

Automated Teleconferencing. When we open your account, we will send you an email with our toll-free dial-in number and your personalized entry codes. To initiate a conference, just let your participants know the time of the call, the dial-in number and your entry code. Your participants will be able to join from any telephone. You will enjoy a clear connection with all of your parties. An automated teleconference costs just 12.0¢ per minute per connection. For more details, click here.

Other Features

In addition to providing teleconferencing and web conferencing services, we take advantage of the internet to make our services easier to use and administer. Here are some of our unique features:

Web-based administration. Manage your account online with our password protected website. Whether you have a single-user account or an enterprise with many users, your will appreciate the online administration capabilities.

  • Add, change and delete 'rooms' and users
  • Review conference history
  • Appoint account administrators
  • Set email notification options

Multi-user administration. It is easy to add users to your account. Just enter the name, email and phone number of the new user and we will take care of the rest. Each new user receives an email with personalized entry codes and easy to follow instructions. We will even make a 'welcome aboard call' to the new users to make sure all of their questions are addressed. Our monthly invoice groups activity by user for easy tracking and control.

Invitation/RSVP tool. Make sure attendees get clear instructions for joining your automated teleconference or web conference with our unique invitation tool. It greatly simplifies the task of informing guests about your conferences. After completing a short on-line form, an accurate, professional invitation is automatically sent to each guest with copies to the host and/or administrator.

  • Avoid Mistakes and Omissions. One typo in the date, time, telephone number, participant code or chair code can spell disaster for a conference call. Using the MeetingBridge invitation ensures that complete and accurate information is sent.
  • Automatic RSVP status. There is no more guessing whether key people have received the meeting notice. The MeetingBridge invitation tracks when the email is opened and allows guests to click an Accept or Decline box to RSVP. The host then knows, at a glance, who received and opened the email; and who will be attending the call.
  • Automatic Address Book. As invitations are sent to guests, email addresses are automatically stored in a personal address book where they can be easily accessed for the next conference call. Other contact information can be added to the address book. Users can setup group lists to facilitate recurring call.

Email Recap. Keep track of your automated teleconferencing usage with our after call recap email. You will receive the email after every teleconference. It summarizes key information including the number of participants, duration, and charge code. Send a copy to your assistant or to your accounting department to make sure costs are charged to the appropriate department, project or client.

Informative Invoice. We provide you with the most informative invoice in the industry. In addition to the ability to track activity by user and by room, you can also enter a client/project code for each conference. Our invoice summarizes the information to provide everything needed to accurately accumulate conferencing costs by client or project. You can opt to receive your invoice by email.

Free Cost Analysis

We provide a free cost analysis to prospective customers. Simply fax a recent conferencing invoice to us at (877) 471 5476; and, within 24 hours, we will fax or email back a customized rate plan quantifying your potential savings.