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Recording and Playback Guide

You can record conferences in your Personal Conference Room for later playback. Parties who were unable to attend the conference can dial in to the MeetingBridge Replay Room to listen to a replay of your conference. There is no charge for recording your conference. You will be billed for replay minutes at your normal Personal Conference Room rate. If no one replays your conference, this convenient feature costs you nothing!

If you want to post the recording on your website or simply maintain a permanent record of your conference, we can send you an audio CD or provide you a link to download it as a WAV audio file (see Instructions for Obtaining an Archive Recording).

Instructions for Recording your Conference

To record a conference, dial in to your Personal Conference Room using your Chair Entry Code. After joining use the following instructions to record your conference:

  1. Enter [#][7] to enter the Recording/Playback Mode.
  2. Enter [1] to select "Record the current conference".
    (Entering Recording Mode deletes the existing recording, if any)
  3. Enter [1] to use your Participant Entry Code as the replay password *
       – or –
    Enter any other number to decline password protection (recommended)
  4. Conduct your conference
  5. Enter [#][7] to stop recording.

Important: You can store only one recording at a time for each Personal Conference Room. When you start recording in a conference room, any prior recording in that room is deleted. You may set up additional conference rooms if you need to store additional recordings.

Your recording is stored for 30 days. If you want to retain your recording for an extended period, please request an Archive Recording (see below). 

Instructions for Replaying the Conference

To give someone access to your recording, provide them with the instructions below. Be sure to fill in your Confirmation Number and Password, if any. Each Personal Conference Room has a Confirmation Number which is listed on your 'My Account' page (see ' My Personal Conference Rooms ').

To replay the conference:

  1. Dial 1 (866) 510-4862 (or +1 (678) 302-3562 if you are calling from outside the USA)
  2. When prompted for a PIN code, enter '4804300#'.
  3. When prompted, press [4] to listen to a previously recorded conference.
  4. When prompted, enter the Confirmation Number followed by a 'pound' sign (#) : __________ #
  5. If prompted, enter the Password: __________ *

Playback will then begin. Use the following touchtone controls during playback:

[*][*] Pause/Unpause
[#][2] Skip back 30 seconds
[#][3] Skip ahead 30 seconds
[*][2] Play backward
[*][3] Play forward 2x speed
[*][1] Resume normal play after [*][2] or [*][3]

Instructions for Obtaining an Archive Recording.

You can download an archive of your recording in a WAV or MP3 file format. To obtain an archive, follow the instructions above for recording your conference and then send an email to to request the archive. Please be sure to include the time of your conference and the chair code that you used.

Note: The best way to make this request is to reply to the Call Recap email that you receive when the conference completes.

Within 1 business day, we will respond to your request with an email. The email with include links to download the WMV and/or MP3 recording.

Download Pricing: $25.



* When the conference is recorded, it can be secured with a password. If no password is entered during the recording, the user will not be prompted for a password during the playback.