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About MeetingBridge

Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, MeetingBridge provides convenient, high quality teleconferencing, web conferencing and webinar services at prices well below the competition. With great services, great rates and unmatched web-based conveniences, MeetingBridge makes teleconferencing, web conferencing and webinar services affordable for small businesses and easy-to-administer for large corporations.

MeetingBridge's management team is made up of seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in the telecommunications industry. The company is founded on the premise that existing teleconferencing services are too expensive or too difficult to use and administer. MeetingBridge seeks to change this by designing easy-to-use services on proven technology platforms and by making intelligent use of the internet to drive down costs, streamline administration and improve the usability of its services.

MeetingBridge makes these sophisticated capabilities easy-to-use and administer. Our password protected web site offers tremendous flexibility for managing accounts, adding conference rooms, inviting guests and conducting Webinars.

For routine teleconferences and web conferences, we offer a unique Invitation/RSVP tool that greatly simplifies sending instructions to guests to join the sessions. We include an RSVP table so you can see who has opened, accepted or declined your invitation. This great tool is included at no additional charge.

For webinars our unique turnkey webinar tool provides everything you need to promote your event, register attendees, send email confirmations and reminders, conduct the webinar and follow-up with your attendees. No one makes it easier for you to reach customers, prospects and employees with a customized, branded webinar. We prepared a sample landing page for a fictional company, ABC Industries. To experience the webinar registration process, please click the sample link below:

Click here: Sample Registration - ABC Industries

Registrant data is available to you online and is downloadable to an Excel worksheet. You can also receive an email anytime someone registers for a session. No Charge.

MeetingBridge can provide your business with a competitive edge. Contact us for more information about our and teleconferencing, web conferencing or webinars services today.